Specialist in paintless dent removal
Swiss Fast Repair uses the paintless dent removal technique to restore your vehicle to a near new look, quickly and at a lower cost!

About Swiss Fast Repair

Surgical work, operated by enthusiasts

Since 2010


We specialize in a particular bodywork technique: paintless dent removal. This know-how makes it possible to eliminate hail impacts, door knocks and other shocks that do not show paint chips.


At a lower cost and in a short time – very short downtime – our cosmetic surgery operation will give your bodywork a near new look. Precise and meticulous work, ideal for preserving the aesthetics and value of your vehicle.

Paintless vehicle dent removal

Paintless vehicle dent removal, what does it consist of?

Paintless bodywork dent removal is a repair technique that removes dents and dings that affect the exterior appearance of a vehicle – car, motorcycle, van or other – without resorting to a painting process. .


By using pressure techniques and special tools, Swiss Fast Repair‘s dent removal experts can absorb the deformities suffered by the sheets to restore them to their original state.


This method has many advantages: the speed of intervention, the reasonable cost of the operation, respect for the original color and the absence of discoloration. All these points make paintless dent removal a very effective alternative to traditional bodywork methods.

our customers

Who are our customers?

L’efficacité de nos services nous vaut le plaisir d’avoir une clientèle large et diversifiée.

Individuals and catering enthusiasts

Individuals concerned about preserving the aesthetics of their vehicle are our first customers. The low downtime of their vehicle is an advantage that they appreciate.

Garages and car dealerships

Whether it is to meet customer expectations or offer a used vehicle in the best conditions, garages and car dealerships regularly call on our services.

Companies that have a fleet

Many companies have a car fleet for the needs of their employees. These vehicles – cars and utility vehicles – contribute to the image of the company and their bodywork must be in perfect condition.

We are present all over the world

South Africa • Germany • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Finland • France • Greece • Italy • Mexico • Portugal • Czech Republic • Turkey…

Our paintless dent removal technique is also borderless.
Since it has been proven to allow bodywork to return to its original shape, the method used by our experts has been deployed all over the world.


Its two decisive advantages – the lower cost and the short duration of immobilization of the vehicle – are not unrelated to this international success.

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