Paintless dent removal specialist

Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal, what is it?

Paintless dent removal is a repair technique that removes dents and dings from the bodywork of cars, motorcycles, vans and other vehicles without the need for paint.

Using special tools and pressure techniques, our dent removal experts Swiss Fast Repair can remove dings and dents to restore sheet metal to its original condition.

The advantages of this method are many: preservation of the original color, absence of discoloration, rapid intervention and attractive cost. Paintless dent removal offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods for restoring the appearance of damaged vehicles.

Key points

The advantages of paintless dent removal

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Non-invasive method

Paintless dent removal repairs dents and dings without the need for paint, avoiding the costs and delays associated with this step.

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Preservation of original paintwork

Paintless dent removal preserves your car's original paintwork, avoiding any risk of discoloration or color differences between the repaired area and the rest of the bodywork.

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Paintless dent removal is environmentally friendly, reducing waste and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals associated with traditional painting methods.

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Save time and money

Faster and more economical, simplifying the repair process by eliminating the need for sanding, puttying and painting. This saves time and cuts labor costs.

Preserve your automobile capital

A vehicle that suffers several hits to its bodywork loses both its visual appeal and its market value.


Today, thanks to the paintless dent removal technique, you'd be surprised at what we can do to repair weak spots in your bodywork at a fraction of the cost.

Significantly reduced downtime

One of the very first things a driver appreciates is the autonomy he enjoys thanks to his vehicle.


As a result, time-consuming repairs are often perceived as a hindrance, to the point where some consumers resign themselves to driving around in a damaged car. This is obviously detrimental to the value of any vehicle.


With our "Fast Repair" approach, we bypass this time barrier. The tools we use enable us to work quickly, since there is no painting stage and no drying time. We work directly on the sensitive area of your bodywork, so you can be sure of a short visit to the workshop.


Leave the same day with your refurbished vehicle.

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