About Swiss Fast Repair

Specialist in paintless dent removal since 2010!

At Swiss Fast Repair, we have mastered the technique and tools of paintless bodywork dent removal since 2010.


Over the years, our experience and expertise have continued to grow.
In the vast majority of cases, we only need a few minutes around your vehicle – visually and to the touch – to analyze the damage it has suffered and define the procedure to restore it.


We can therefore give you a personalized quote very quickly, together with an appointment date to take action!

Key points

Our values

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A company on a human scale

On a human scale, our company carefully monitors the quality of contacts. We first seek to satisfy the human who sits behind the wheel of the vehicle we are repairing.

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The taste for a job well done

Bodywork is a matter of art and passion. It is a job that cultivates a taste for a job well done. Every day, he gratifies us with great rewards with the differences between before and after.

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Ecological commitment

Our process has many ecological advantages since we do not use any toxic or harmful products, either for humans or for nature.

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The right price for quality work

Our know-how requires great experience, but that does not mean that our interventions are overpriced. Our philosophy is precisely to offer quality work at the fairest price.

Do not hesitate to visit us!

Swiss Fast Repair is an open business, focused on hospitality and service.
So do not hesitate to come and meet us to find out more about the techniques we apply and the specific tools that are used in the context of our repairs.


You will be able to observe the care and precision of our work. In person, you can tell us about your vehicle to consider possible repairs. Only if you want and when you want.


The pressure, we like to apply it on the bumps to absorb them, but never on our customers. Hope to meet you.

We are present all over the world

South Africa • Germany • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Finland • France • Greece • Italy • Mexico • Portugal • Czech Republic • Turkey…

Our paintless dent removal technique is also borderless.
Since it has been proven to allow bodywork to return to its original shape, the method used by our experts has been deployed all over the world.


Its two decisive advantages – the lower cost and the short duration of immobilization of the vehicle – are not unrelated to this international success.