Our clients

Our clients

Who are our customers?

All people who are committed to preserving the aesthetics of their vehicle are potential customers of Riparazione rapida svizzera.


The method and tools we use – non-abrasive, non-invasive and non-corrosive – allow us to treat any type of damaged bodywork, as long as the original paint is not altered.


We intervene with the same care and the same precision on all vehicles that enter our workshops, whether they are private vehicles, company cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles or oldtimers who are delighted to find their original look.

Private vehicles


Individuals make up a very large part of our clientele.

When they notice a scratch on their vehicle or an unsightly bump following a parking incident, they have only one desire: to erase these scars to preserve the aesthetics of their vehicle and not alter its value by remaining free of do nothing.


Riparazione rapida svizzera offers them two decisive advantages:

  • the intervention will not immobilize their vehicle excessively
  • the very affordable cost of the repair will fully justify their decision
Vehicles from garages and concessions

Garages and automotive professionals

In the broadest sense, automotive professionals make extensive use of the expert services of Swiss Fast Repair.


Among our customers, we count garages of all brands, official dealers and several brands specializing in the sale of quality used vehicles.


All these professionals come to the same conclusion:

  • body care is essential to sell vehicles
  • the cost-result ratio pleads in favor of Riparazione rapida svizzera expertise

Convinced customers!

That nasty claw, that nasty blow, that little bump?


Are you tired of seeing these marks on your bodywork?


Take the right fold today: join the circle of convinced customers.

Company vehicles


For the company, company vehicles must reconcile several objectives.


Beyond their usefulness, they represent an important choice for motivating employees and conveying the brand image of the company.


Given the investments represented by a car fleet, fleet managers are not the last to contact us.

What they appreciate:

  • the speed of intervention obtained with paintless dent removal
  • the preservation of their capital thanks to low-cost interventions